About Buseedo
We create an educational platform, where users can get skills they need to land the job they want.
Every year millions of students graduate from universities and looking to find their 1st job and eager to be successful in their lives. In general, they come from great schools, they had the same courses with the same books, so that they have almost the same theoretical knowledge base.

On the other hand, employers are looking for students that they think will be best qualified and will be able to work well and very quickly make a positive impact on their businesses.
United States had 7,136,000 job openings in August, the highest on record since the Labor Department began keeping track of this data in late 2000...
...and so many businesses complain they cannot find enough employees, especially ones with skills and industry knowledge.

"One of the biggest mismatches in history between help wanted and labor available."
The Washington Post, 16 October 2018
So the main challenge sounds like:
What can students do to get the job they want?

The answer is simple and logical:
They need to offer something more & something different, that employers value and seek out - right skills and industry knowledge.
Stop watching - start doing.

Buseedo users get a series of practical exercises and activities crafted by industry specialists & educators to complete every day to master a needed set of skills in a particular discipline and achieve top results in life and career.

In other words, if a recent grad Liam wants to be an expert in digital marketing, Buseedo will give him the necessary practical experience so that he can talk intelligently about this field, its challenges and opportunities with the person interviewing him. As a result, he will stand out from the crowd….and increase his chances of getting the dream job.

We strive to create a tailor-made experience by implementing real-life learning methods to increase efficiency of online education.
Buseedo Founder
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