Empowering everyone in the workplace.
A privacy-focused social networking platform for corporate professionals to build and promote a culture of transparency in the workplace via anonymous chats
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Improve employee retention
TalkedOut provides authentic insights & reports into employee problems and desires, in order to create positive, productive work environments. With an engaged staff, you lower your risk of turnover, boost morale, and increase your company's overall chance of success.
Foster honesty at the office
Create an atmosphere where team members feel comfortable discussing what they want: a broken coffee machine or failed product launches; bad management decisions or gaps in knowledge — literally whatever matters most to them.
It's easy, because it's 100% anonymous!
Be moderated by culture
Anonymity incentivizes «trolling», so we've created the essential tools for digital communities to reduce «toxicity» and enable people to discuss things in a more respectful way.
We are striving to create a place that empowers employees by giving an equitable voice to everyone. We want to uplift voices that have been silenced by bad "corporate culture" patterns to change businesses for the better.
We aim to disrupt the hierarchy.
Open conversations with no professional barriers. No matter how long you've been in a job, how much you've accomplished there or even which title you hold. All people are equal.
Lack of transparency is a real thing. Join us on our mission to deal with it.
Start a community!
Remove professional barriers, freely initiate open conversations and create transparency in your workplace.
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